Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mr. Munch does have teeth, but I haven't been able to get photographic evidence...until now!

And then there are giggles! Wonderful baby giggles.

This year was an amazing year for the Munch Family. There was a move, some job changes, and, most importantly, Mr. Munch joined the world. The past six months have been some of the best for Mama and Daddy. They've been difficult as well, but it's worth it to have such an adorable, happy baby. So here is a look back on the last 6 months:

Mere hours old.

He has charmed his way into the hearts of many from the beginning.

Many tears have been shed, but there have also been many smiles.

He's enjoyed the weather from hot to cold.

 He's helped deliver gifts.

He will grow up surrounded by family.

He is rarely an unhappy baby.

He has gone from his first food (avocado) to a whole variety.

He has learned how to roll over and how to look around from his stomach.

He celebrated his first Christmas.

He has 5 generations on Mama's side and Daddy's side of the family.

He can almost sit by himself and he loves to stand.

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