Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today Daddy had the day off from work, so the Munch Family packed up and visited Mr. Munch's Great Grandma J. Mr. Munch even got to experience something new: up close and personal with the dog!

Is this one of those Wookie things you were telling me about?

Learning how to pet the dog gently. 

There was a little fur pulling, but Mama is grateful that the dog is *extremely* well behaved and tolerant of small children. After the curiosity wore off (on both sides), baby and pup got along rather well. 

Bonding with Grandma J.

Today we also celebrate our 100th post!! Thank you all for sticking with me and giving me a reason to continue showing off my beloved baby boy!

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  1. We love our daily dose of Xander - it adds sunshine to our day!

    Gram and Papa Z.