Saturday, December 17, 2011

Camera's Back!

Mama enjoyed having her camera back, so she took a lot of pictures today. Only half of them made the cut. 

I like your camera, Mama!

Today we started green beans. Mr. Munch has been good about vegetables so far, so Mama had high hopes for green beans. First bite...

(This face is for you, Grandma!)

But as the bites went on, Mr. Munch decided that he liked green beans.

More please!

I just ate more green beans than any other solid food I've eaten before.

This evening Mr. Munch's first Christmas gift (from Mama and Daddy) made it under the Christmas tree and his first stocking stuffer made it into his homemade stocking!

That's for me?

That's really for me?!

Welcome to the countdown every kid gets sucked into, Mr. Munch. You have 8 days to wait until you get to rip that shiny paper!

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