Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving Towards Mobility

Mr. Munch has found another cuddle buddy with his sock monkey! The tag is one of his favorite parts of this animal.

It's so snuggly!

In addition to figuring out to sit himself up (a startling sight when you're expecting to open the door and find a sleeping baby!) Mr. Munch has also managed to get himself on his hands and knees.

So much fun!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


As the school days and the sick days march on into the chill of February, Wednesday becomes Friday becomes "It's Sunday and I haven't done the blog yet?!"

The temperature has been dipping lower and lower, so Mr. Munch got bundled up into his footie pajamas and cuddled in bed with Mama and Daddy,
I'm just cuddling with Mama.

After a bath Mama had to look for some clothes, so Daddy kept Mr. Munch warm and entertained.

Angry Birds = Physics?

Mr. Munch also got a present from Grandma...some swanky new overalls!!

Now I have pockets for my puffs!

On Saturday the Munch Family went out to Uncle M.'s robotic team's open house. We got to see FIRST robots run a course to teach us about food safety plus a fun demonstration of robots shooting basketballs and balancing on ramps! Mr. Munch had fun watching the basketballs fly and he showed off his tongue!

Please do not take this as a comment on my thoughts about your exhibition.

Your team's robots are pretty great, Uncle M.!

And now the sound of doom fills the air. Today Mr. Munch managed to stay balanced on his hands and knees for a moment. We are one step closer to *bum bum bum* mobility.

You mean I can get to the things I want?

Mr. Munch has also gotten better about taking naps, not only at home, but at Grandma's house as well.

Guard his sweet dreams, valiant bunny.

Today Daddy and Mr. Munch had fun playing with shadows!! The diaper change was momentarily forgotten as playful shadows danced uncatchable.


This evening Mr. Munch spent a long while talking to himself and playing with the toys on his exersaucer. Mr. Munch was having so much fun that he was beginning to nod off while playing. He was very disappointed when it was time to go to bed, but fell asleep quickly.

Calvin and Hobbes? Try Munch and Bunny.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here's a photo bomb to catch you up!

Mama, you're silly.

Thanks for the phone!

Patriots all the way!

Yaaaay!! Tooooooooooys!!

Singing stars are more fun to play with now that Mr. Munch can sit on his own.

No pictures, please.

I'm innocent.

Nerds know how to party til they drop.

Tender moment between Mama's boys.

I get to play in the bathtub!

This is new...


Haha, I got Mama's chair!

Running errands around town.