Monday, October 31, 2011


Today will be the last post until Sunday. This past weekend Mr. Munch lost his Grandma H. She was a friendly woman and one of Mr. Munch's biggest fans. She will be missed, but we will make sure that Mr. Munch knows of the love she had for him. Mama and Daddy will be flying out of town for the funeral and Mr. Munch will be staying with his other Grandma for the remainder of the week.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Support *Cookie* Monster

Today Munch Daddy found Mr. Munch's Cookie Monster hat, so shenanigans were had!

This is how Mr. Munch feels about Healthy Choices Monster.


I'm flyin' here!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up Yet Again

So, three days of catch-up. This will actually be fairly easy as Wednesday and Thursday were spent at home. Mr. Munch officially discovered his feet (not in a "Hey there's something at the end of my leg" kind of way, but in a "Oh my gosh! I have new toys and they go with me everywhere!!" kind of way) so that's been entertaining to watch.

Let me show you my feets!

He has also started to arch his back which provides Mama and Daddy Munch with their own entertainment.

Mr. Munch feels the spirit of the kitty through interpretive dance.

And of course fingers. His, Mama's, Daddy' does not matter.

Mama dons a star spangled drool shield.

Today was a special day. We started out the day with a very happy Munch...

I have fingers!!

and soon ended up with a passed out Munch.

Prime example of P.O.P.O. (or PoePoe); Paci Out Passed Out.

After Mr. Munch's nap was over, he and Mama decided to take the bus to the mall and surprise Daddy at work!

He was looking at the camera until he noticed that there was a pretzel stand having a BOGO sale on pretzel dogs.
All of the traveling and shopping wore Mr. Munch out, so he dozed while Mama and Daddy killed time waiting for the bus.

I'm just gonna curl up here. Lemme know when it's time to go.

The walk home was warm for Mr. Munch. Daddy had him in the Moby, then had his sweatshirt zipped up around them both.

My Daddy rocks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Milestone Day!

All photos taken today are now irrelevant. It wasn't a very exciting day anyway, seeing as how it was Daddy's day off and the whole family spent the better part of the day relaxing. Today is the day that Mr. Munch rolled over all by himself! And not just rolling from his back to his belly, but mere minutes later he rolled from his belly to his back! Mama and Daddy Munch are so proud!
He spent about 2-3 minutes on his side trying to get to his stomach. We edited that out for the sake of our viewer's attention spans. After spending a little bit on his stomach catching his breath (during which time Mama had the camera off, thinking the show was over), he remembered that he hates being on his stomach and proceeded to roll back over!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching Up

Yesterday the Munch Family went over to Mr. Munch's Great-Grandparent's house for extended family birthdays. We also got to take a 5 generation picture for Mama's side of the family. (We haven't gotten copies yet, but we'll share when we do!) Afterwards, the Munch Family hung out at home. Mr. Munch spent some time playing before his pajamas were put on.

It's funny when I hide my face from Daddy!

What are those? Are those attached to me?!

Today Mr. Munch spent most of his day just hanging around.

Hey, wanna hand me the remote? My documentary is on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Saturday dawned with a distinct sense of hope. Hope that today would be different. And it was! So much so that Mr. Munch started making faces. This is what Mama pictures his face looking like when she and Daddy are kissing.

Agh, get a room!

Because the Munch Family is having more family pictures taken on Sunday, it was bath time for Mr. Munch with extra scrubbing. But after a warm bath (that is so much fun to kick and splash in!) the next best thing is a warm towel to wrap up in.

I'm a burrito!

Please don't eat me.

And what's the best thing to do after a bath and bottle? Spit up and rub it all over your face. Yep. Right after a bath.

After Mr. Munch was properly clean, he and Mama went to the store. Mama thought Mr. Munch was being especially well behaved, until she peeked around the front of the stroller.


After we got home (and Mr. Munch finished his nap), playtime shenanigans ensued until bedtime.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cranky Day 2

There are actually no pictures for Friday. Mr. Munch spent most of his day being cranky again and Mama just didn't have the energy to take pictures when he wasn't cranky. After Daddy got home from work, Mama took an hour and a half to ride the bus to Meijer and back so she could have a breather. We're hoping that these teeth cut soon. One saving grace is that he seems to sleep through the night pretty well, though I feel bad that it's because he exhausts himself to sleep. We're doing what we can to keep Mr. Munch as comfortable as possible and to keep our sanities intact.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day of Cranky

Today Mr. Munch was exceptionally cranky. It was difficult to get him down for naps and when he did go down, it wasn't for very long. To make things worse, our morning started with dead swing batteries, so Mr. Munch's naps weren't in his preferred location.

Proof that we did have a peaceful moment every once in a while.

Better Late Than Never

This is yesterday's official post. Today's will come this evening.

Yesterday dawned with a happy Mr. Munch. We decided to give Daddy something to help get him through his day at work.
What better motivation than a cute little Munch?

In the afternoon, the Munch Family was called to Grandma's house for a sanity rescue mission. Mama and Mr. Munch hopped on the bus at home and met up with Daddy on a different bus en route to Grandma's. It was raining, so Mama stood out at the bus stop while Mr. Munch hung out on the porch.

It's really handy to have the bus stop literally outside our door...

Because our trip cut Mr. Munch's nap short, he got a little cranky during the bus ride. Thankfully Mama brought Circle Bug and Mr. Munch soon fell asleep.

Moving bus and Bug. Perfect recipe for a good nap.

Once everybody got to Grandma's house, Mr. Munch was passed from person to person. He seemed to enjoy the attention. He napped through dinner and woke up to find the family discussing maps. He joined in.

That's all they had to pay for the Louisiana Territory?!

The day wore out the Munch Family and everybody went to bed very shortly after returning home (hence the late post).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Happy Party!

Today Mr. Munch woke up, ate, and fell back asleep with Mama and Daddy until 12:15! Hooray for sleeping in! After the Family Munch woke up for the day, Mr. Munch hung out in his Pack N' Play for a change of scenery.

When I bang my feet, it make a fun noise and the elephants wiggle!

After hanging out in the Pack N' Play all day, he was ready to be back on his quilt. His afternoon nap was a tragedy, but he got really droopy...


And eventually fell asleep.

Can't fight it any longer.

After his nap, he woke up to find that Mango had brought her parents over for a play date! (All of the guys were wearing striped shirts. All of the girls wore solid color shirts. It was amusing.)

Wait, she's my size...I can work with this!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I know, I know...

Yes, I realize I've been getting lax with my posting. I apologize. But hey, the loads of pictures I post when I have to make up days is awesome, right?

Mr. Munch has always been a little bit of a drooly baby, even more so now that he's starting to teethe. He has recently figured out, however, that he can push drool between his lips to make a cool squelching sound. It also results in some pretty epic bubbles and some very wet clothes. Great-Grandma's bibs are seriously coming in handy!

My bubbles...

He has also started to consciously bring toys that are in his hands to his mouth. Not all of the time (sometimes he'll just stare at the toy and give it a wave or two), but enough to be noticeable. Yesterday while playing with his rattle, he accidentally flung it out of his hand. After the second it took him to realize it wasn't there anymore, he got a little pouty! The next time that he flung it, though, he forgot about it.

Rattles make fun noises and they taste great!

Per doctor's instructions, we have to clean Mr. Munch's nose of mucous. Congestion is apparently the cause of his gravelly breathing (not aspiration). Last night was our first night of nose cleaning and Mr. Munch took it like a champ!
Daddy's making him giggle while Mama gets the saline solution mixed up.

Excuse me, but what was that?!

Today was Munch Daddy's day off from work! The Family Munch needed to do some grocery shopping which meant that Mr. Munch had to change out of his wet, drool covered pajamas. After a cranky few days, Mama decided to remind Mr. Munch what was up.

Mom, you realize I can't read, right?

Being the chilly October day that it was, Mama's message was covered up by what is apparently the most delicious G in the world.

Fresh air and a new sweatshirt to break in. Let's get drooling!

Tonight's nose cleaning didn't go as smoothly as last night's, but it did produce a cleaner nose. For reasons unbeknownst to anybody besides Mr. Munch, bedtimes have been later by a few hours and naps, when had, are practically non-existant. While Mama is of the opinion that this is helping to contribute to Mr. Munch's crankiness, she is firm in her knowledge that this is exactly what is contributing to her crankiness. On that note, it's everybody's bedtime.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cranky Day

Mr. Munch woke up this morning and decided that his goal today was going to involve being as fussy as possible. When his mouth wasn't hurting him, Mama was accidentally cutting his nail too short. He did take a couple of short naps, but he wasn't usually happy about being awake again afterwards.

Being awake sucks.

(Artsy pic of the week!)

I have feet, but they don't want to be awake either.

Then this evening while waiting for Daddy to get home, we got out letter D picture!!

D is for Death by Drool

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chilly October Day

Today dawned chilly with no signs of getting warmer, so the Munch family spent their day in PJs (except for Daddy when he went to work). Mr. Munch and Mama started their day with Peek-A-Boo!

I see you!

During his afternoon bottle, Mr. Munch happened to have his hands in just the right place to hold the bottle by himself! We're not quite to deliberate holding yet, but it will come soon enough.

Sooo yummy!

In the evening, the Munch Family was having quiet time where we did our own things. Mr. Munch really got into his book on ABCs and 123s, but he didn't observe the 'quiet' part of the time. It was too cute, though, so he's forgiven.

Elmo is good at teaching numbers and letters.

Mr. Munch was teething all day, so naps were short and interrupted. Mama hoped that this meant bedtime would be easy, but alas. Fingers crossed that tonight isn't too bad for anybody.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday turned into a hectic day. Mr. Munch visited the doctor because Nurse Lori was concerned that he was aspirating (taking fluid into his lungs when eating). After a long bus ride we found out that this is thankfully not the case (though we need to keep an eye on him). After an even longer bus ride home, Mama and Mr. Munch caught up with Daddy at Central Station for the last leg home. 

This morning Mr. Munch tried his hardest to roll over onto his stomach. He was almost successful, but his arm got caught up.

So close!

Today Mr. Munch got to experience the world through textures. His waffle blanket is awesome to chew on and Figaro is very soft and fuzzy!

Hmm...teddy bear...

I like this fuzzy bear!

Mr. Munch then discovered that bouncing and chewing simultaneously are rather difficult.

Om nom bouncy seat.

When nap time rolled around, he didn't want to sleep anywhere but on Mama. You mean I can't clean the living room like I planned, I have to cuddle with my baby? Oh darn...

Even with Apocalypto in the background, he can sleep through anything if Mama's there.

He got to hang out with Daddy after work, then it was jammy time!

Puppy toes! Keys! Great combo!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bouncing Baby

This morning Mama and Mr. Munch decided to walk to the store while Daddy cleaned up the living room. It was a very warm day for October, but we are not complaining!

Warm sunshine on little toes.

At 1 o'clock, our favorite at home nurse, Lori, came over for a visit! At 15 weeks old, Mr. Munch is 14 pounds 1 ounce and 24 3/4" long. His gross and fine motor skills are developing wonderfully, some even ahead of schedule! After Nurse Lori left, Mr. Munch and Munch Daddy spent some quality time together.

Mama's boys, having a snuggle.

After a terrific nap, Mr. Munch got to play in his bouncer!

Spinning around to get the 360° view.

Bouncing takes a lot of concentration.