Monday, October 17, 2011

I know, I know...

Yes, I realize I've been getting lax with my posting. I apologize. But hey, the loads of pictures I post when I have to make up days is awesome, right?

Mr. Munch has always been a little bit of a drooly baby, even more so now that he's starting to teethe. He has recently figured out, however, that he can push drool between his lips to make a cool squelching sound. It also results in some pretty epic bubbles and some very wet clothes. Great-Grandma's bibs are seriously coming in handy!

My bubbles...

He has also started to consciously bring toys that are in his hands to his mouth. Not all of the time (sometimes he'll just stare at the toy and give it a wave or two), but enough to be noticeable. Yesterday while playing with his rattle, he accidentally flung it out of his hand. After the second it took him to realize it wasn't there anymore, he got a little pouty! The next time that he flung it, though, he forgot about it.

Rattles make fun noises and they taste great!

Per doctor's instructions, we have to clean Mr. Munch's nose of mucous. Congestion is apparently the cause of his gravelly breathing (not aspiration). Last night was our first night of nose cleaning and Mr. Munch took it like a champ!
Daddy's making him giggle while Mama gets the saline solution mixed up.

Excuse me, but what was that?!

Today was Munch Daddy's day off from work! The Family Munch needed to do some grocery shopping which meant that Mr. Munch had to change out of his wet, drool covered pajamas. After a cranky few days, Mama decided to remind Mr. Munch what was up.

Mom, you realize I can't read, right?

Being the chilly October day that it was, Mama's message was covered up by what is apparently the most delicious G in the world.

Fresh air and a new sweatshirt to break in. Let's get drooling!

Tonight's nose cleaning didn't go as smoothly as last night's, but it did produce a cleaner nose. For reasons unbeknownst to anybody besides Mr. Munch, bedtimes have been later by a few hours and naps, when had, are practically non-existant. While Mama is of the opinion that this is helping to contribute to Mr. Munch's crankiness, she is firm in her knowledge that this is exactly what is contributing to her crankiness. On that note, it's everybody's bedtime.

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