Friday, October 14, 2011

Chilly October Day

Today dawned chilly with no signs of getting warmer, so the Munch family spent their day in PJs (except for Daddy when he went to work). Mr. Munch and Mama started their day with Peek-A-Boo!

I see you!

During his afternoon bottle, Mr. Munch happened to have his hands in just the right place to hold the bottle by himself! We're not quite to deliberate holding yet, but it will come soon enough.

Sooo yummy!

In the evening, the Munch Family was having quiet time where we did our own things. Mr. Munch really got into his book on ABCs and 123s, but he didn't observe the 'quiet' part of the time. It was too cute, though, so he's forgiven.

Elmo is good at teaching numbers and letters.

Mr. Munch was teething all day, so naps were short and interrupted. Mama hoped that this meant bedtime would be easy, but alas. Fingers crossed that tonight isn't too bad for anybody.

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