Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up Yet Again

So, three days of catch-up. This will actually be fairly easy as Wednesday and Thursday were spent at home. Mr. Munch officially discovered his feet (not in a "Hey there's something at the end of my leg" kind of way, but in a "Oh my gosh! I have new toys and they go with me everywhere!!" kind of way) so that's been entertaining to watch.

Let me show you my feets!

He has also started to arch his back which provides Mama and Daddy Munch with their own entertainment.

Mr. Munch feels the spirit of the kitty through interpretive dance.

And of course fingers. His, Mama's, Daddy' does not matter.

Mama dons a star spangled drool shield.

Today was a special day. We started out the day with a very happy Munch...

I have fingers!!

and soon ended up with a passed out Munch.

Prime example of P.O.P.O. (or PoePoe); Paci Out Passed Out.

After Mr. Munch's nap was over, he and Mama decided to take the bus to the mall and surprise Daddy at work!

He was looking at the camera until he noticed that there was a pretzel stand having a BOGO sale on pretzel dogs.
All of the traveling and shopping wore Mr. Munch out, so he dozed while Mama and Daddy killed time waiting for the bus.

I'm just gonna curl up here. Lemme know when it's time to go.

The walk home was warm for Mr. Munch. Daddy had him in the Moby, then had his sweatshirt zipped up around them both.

My Daddy rocks.

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