Monday, April 25, 2016

First Month Done

There hasn't been much going on with the Munch family. We spent some time with Ama, Guy, and the Uncles Munch, but we spent the time with each other instead of chasing the kids around with a camera. Daddy Munch went on a business trip for a few days, too. It was successfull, but the most successful part was when he got home! We miss Daddy when he's gone. Miss Munch has been spending most of her time sleeping.

Beauty sleep is essential

There is good news to report. Miss Munch is 5 weeks into her little life and still nursing well! There was some difficulty with this when we had Mr Munch and while fed is best regardless of method, it is encouraging that she is still going strong.

Milk drunk and dribbling!

Today I pulled out a shirt to dress Miss Munch and realized that it was the same shirt we took her home in. How does it look now?

Then: Two days old. It was loose and long enough to cover her butt

She was enjoying the feeling of a clean diaper and went to town kicking her legs. This was the least fuzzy picture I could capture, but you can still see her cute toes!

Now: Five weeks, three days. Her tummy peeks out adorably from under the frills and she fits the sleeves perfectly!

Mr Munch is still head over heels in love with his baby sister and makes sure she can see him every time he sees her eyes open. Ever my composer, he sings songs to her about how much he loves her and how silly she is. His serenades even put her to sleep on occasion.

He dotes on his "baby sweetie"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Catching up on the weekend

WARNING: Photo dump ahead!

The weather has thankfully gotten much warmer this weekend. The Munch family took advantage of this with a few walks and open windows. Miss Munch spent her time laying around in short sleeved onesies. As always, though, keeping her blanket swaddled was an exercise in futility.

My swaddle Houdini

Artsy photo through the crack in the door

The evenings are still a touch chilly, so Miss Munch (after kicking out of her blanket) woke up on Saturday with cold toes. Mama found some cute socks and just had to take a picture.

Flower power!

Saturday was Record Day and the shop down the street had live music playing on the sidewalk all day. It made for a pleasant atmosphere with which to start off the weekend. Mr. Munch wanted to visit the park and we couldn't say no when the sunshine was so inviting.

He conquered mountains... 

Raced cars...

And ran away from all of the monsters!

On Sunday the weather remained glorious, so the Munch family took a stroll down to the grocery store for some snacks.

I love watching my boys hang out together.

More adorable socks modeled by Miss Munch!

We also splurged on some take out and Mr. Munch got his very own watch! He was very excited and proud of this new toy, but he got distracted when it came time to show off for the camera.


Today Miss Munch was more awake than asleep which made Mr. Munch happy. He had a lot of fun showing off books and toys that are being handed down. 

Just hanging out...

Wait, what's that gurgling feeling?

Did that big noise just come out of little ol' me?!

Bonus pic: Mama on this side of the camera!

Gassy baby smile!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunny Day Adventure

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful day around the Munch household. Miss Munch is still pretty active during the night, so Mama and Daddy are functioning on coffee during the day. Miss Munch did take a moment to show off her superhero pose, though.

Up, up, and away!

This morning dawned warm and sunny. As Mama planned a walk, Mr Munch insisted on helping with his little sister. When asked how he would like to help, he held out his arms and asked to hold her. (She was heavier than he expected, so she came back to Mama after a couple of minutes.) His observation? "Miss Munch smells like sun." 

He adores his little sister

We took a delightful stroll to our neighborhood library and enjoyed the balmy weather. Mr Munch loved pointing out the different kinds of flowers that we could see. Once we got the library, he was very happy to find one of his favorite books waiting for him! We spent the rest of the day reading and snuggling.

A good book on a beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Study of Siblings

Having one child is a special adventure. You get to watch them as they progress from a brand new person to a developed being with their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Adding a second child into the mix has so far brought it's own unique set of observations.

Almost five years have gone by since Mr Munch struck his pose. 

Baby duck face!

Today Miss Munch struck her own pose. 

Cute as a kitten!

Mr Munch adores his little sister and Miss Munch isn't generally opposed to the attention she receives from him. He is a big helper and loves to be involved when the baby is up and about. Already I am noticing similarities and differences between my Munchkins. I'm excited to continue watching them grow, as people and as siblings. 

Sibling love!

Monday, April 11, 2016

We are back!

After nearly four years, we are officially back and the Munch family is bigger! On March 18 we welcomed our 7 pound 2 ounce bundle of joy, Miss Munch. Mr Munch is super excited to be a big brother and has been incredibly helpful these past three weeks.

Let the cuteness overload begin!