Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunny Day Adventure

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful day around the Munch household. Miss Munch is still pretty active during the night, so Mama and Daddy are functioning on coffee during the day. Miss Munch did take a moment to show off her superhero pose, though.

Up, up, and away!

This morning dawned warm and sunny. As Mama planned a walk, Mr Munch insisted on helping with his little sister. When asked how he would like to help, he held out his arms and asked to hold her. (She was heavier than he expected, so she came back to Mama after a couple of minutes.) His observation? "Miss Munch smells like sun." 

He adores his little sister

We took a delightful stroll to our neighborhood library and enjoyed the balmy weather. Mr Munch loved pointing out the different kinds of flowers that we could see. Once we got the library, he was very happy to find one of his favorite books waiting for him! We spent the rest of the day reading and snuggling.

A good book on a beautiful day!

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