Monday, April 18, 2016

Catching up on the weekend

WARNING: Photo dump ahead!

The weather has thankfully gotten much warmer this weekend. The Munch family took advantage of this with a few walks and open windows. Miss Munch spent her time laying around in short sleeved onesies. As always, though, keeping her blanket swaddled was an exercise in futility.

My swaddle Houdini

Artsy photo through the crack in the door

The evenings are still a touch chilly, so Miss Munch (after kicking out of her blanket) woke up on Saturday with cold toes. Mama found some cute socks and just had to take a picture.

Flower power!

Saturday was Record Day and the shop down the street had live music playing on the sidewalk all day. It made for a pleasant atmosphere with which to start off the weekend. Mr. Munch wanted to visit the park and we couldn't say no when the sunshine was so inviting.

He conquered mountains... 

Raced cars...

And ran away from all of the monsters!

On Sunday the weather remained glorious, so the Munch family took a stroll down to the grocery store for some snacks.

I love watching my boys hang out together.

More adorable socks modeled by Miss Munch!

We also splurged on some take out and Mr. Munch got his very own watch! He was very excited and proud of this new toy, but he got distracted when it came time to show off for the camera.


Today Miss Munch was more awake than asleep which made Mr. Munch happy. He had a lot of fun showing off books and toys that are being handed down. 

Just hanging out...

Wait, what's that gurgling feeling?

Did that big noise just come out of little ol' me?!

Bonus pic: Mama on this side of the camera!

Gassy baby smile!

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