Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily Adventures

Yesterday was a cranky day for Mr. Munch. At least, that's what Mama thought until a few minutes ago when she uploaded Daddy's picture...

I'm a troll baby!

After a long night with Mr. Munch waking up periodically (presumably from tooth pain from the chomped fingers and the acetaminophen relief), Mr. Munch woke up happy (and 2 hours later than usual, hooray sleep!). Mama and Daddy also realized that Mr. Munch had flipped over to his tummy in the middle of the night. Mama tried to catch him sleeping, but the floor is creaky.

Huh?! I'm up, I'm up.

In the evening, Mango brought her Mommy and Daddy over. She and Mr. Munch had a staring contest, but they both soon lost interest. Mr. Munch was fascinated by Mango's daddy's massive beard and Mango decided that Mr. Munch's paci and rattle were way cooler than her own.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Day of Filming

Yesterday during his day off, Daddy taught Mr. Munch how to blow raspberries with his tongue. The result? Mama covered in more baby spit than normal today!

The face Mama makes when I do this is soooo funny!

In preparation for his star role being filmed in the evening, Mr. Munch got a bath! For the first time he got a toy in the bath. Afterwards, however, the towel was the cooler toy.

I can yank this part up to my mouth, making it hard for Mama to put my diaper back on teeheehee!

Then it was down to filming. Even though he took an extra nap (because filming ended up going past his bedtime), Mr. Munch got cranky. Thankfully he was mellow enough that we got all of the shots we needed!

Lemme see that script. What is this silly director making me do now?!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Hobbies

Today was Munch Daddy's day off again, so Mama took the opportunity to go grocery shopping alone. Mr. Munch got to spend some time goofing off with Daddy and Mama got some alone time. After she got home, Mama started to embroider Mr. Munch's Christmas bib.

My feet are more interesting than a bib, Mom.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aaaand we're back!

So many pictures to catch up on! This week was a fairly busy week for the Munch Family. Lots of things to do, places to go, and people to see! Most of the pictures taken were during our down time, though.

Mommy, turn the sun down.

Mr. Munch has enjoyed his new foods this past week. We had squash...

I like squash!

Daddy feeds me squash.

Daddy also feeds me my bottles. His hair is fun to play with.

I also eat bananas!

Bananas are not my favorite food.

Mr. Munch is doing better with naps. He goes down well about as often as he doesn't now. When he wakes up, it's usually as a happy baby. Sometimes he'll be so quiet that Mama won't even realize that he's awake!

You're easy to talk to, bunny.

Mr. Munch also use his high chair to play with toys and watch Mama while she moves around the house cleaning.

I'm so glad I'm not a big person!

Because we haven't had one in a while, Mama took her next alphabet picture.

E is for Eating toys!

On Thursday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. Mama made Mr. Munch a special Thanksgiving onsie. It's a turkey made out of his handprint.

Mama feels pretty clever about my cool new outfit!

You can keep your turkey. I have Grandpa!

Mr. Munch figured out yesterday that if he opens his mouth, Mama puts food in! This makes eating a little bit messier, though, because he's also figured out how to push food out of his mouth too. We haven't gotten to fingers in mouth, however, and for that Mama is thankful.

I loooove sweet potatoes!

In the afternoon, Mr. Munch had nekkie time.

The pattern of the blinds looks really cool on the ceiling.

I like nekkie baby time!

I also like my foot. It's pretty tasty.

Today was Munch Daddy's day off. The Munch Family spent a lot of time hanging out together. Mr. Munch was so excited to see Daddy that he didn't want to take any naps. This resulted in a cranky Munch and an 8:30p bedtime.

Go away.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. We've been working hard on filming and taking care of general things in life. There's been a lack of pictures taken, but we do have a shout-out picture to our Florida family!

I'm a cute little monster!

Once our busy weekend has calmed down a little, regular posts will resume.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Schedule Progresses

So here is the offending dish...

Mushy avocado!

And here comes the first bite...

What is this?!?

And there's the reaction.

I'm sorry, you put what exactly into my mouth?

Is she serious right now?!

The reaction got progressively more positive in the following days. Yesterday Mr. Munch was feeling pretty chill.

I'm a laid back baby.

When he was having play time, he didn't want to let his new lovie go! It got shaken around almost as much as the gym.

Is this how you swim?

And then it was time for the second night of 9o'clock bedtime...except it's 8:15. That's right, he went to bed early!

All set for Sandman's Land.

He not only went to bed early, he only woke up once at 11pm to eat and visit with Mango and her parents, then slept through the night until 6am! This morning Mr. Munch caught a bus to Central Station with Mama and Daddy, then he and Mama went to Grandma and Grandpa's house while Daddy went to work. Uncles J and M had orchestra, so once they were dropped off, Mama and Mr. Munch went shopping with Grandma! It was a little chilly outside, so Mr. Munch was snuggled into his car seat with a quilt and his lovie.

Wind chill? Bring it on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Going to the Doctor's

Yesterday was a busy day for the Munch Family. Filming began in our apartment and there was a lot of shouting and banging when it came time for Mr. Munch's nap. Since Mama had to go to the store anyway, he got a mobile nap.

Getting droopy and we haven't even left the porch yet!

It was a good nap for Mr. Munch, good exercise for Mama, and the crew didn't need to worry about baby noises ruining important shots! Once shooting was over, Uncle R. hung out for a little bit and Mr. Munch decided to make up for all of his missed noisiness by kicking and punching his whale while babbling away.

Just so you guys don't forget that I'm here!

Today Mr. Munch had his 4 month doctor's visit. He weighs 15 pounds 6 ounces, is 26 inches long, and is right on track for growth! Overall Mr. Munch is a healthy, happy baby with no concerning medical issues. He has a wheeze and a cough left over from his cold waaay back when, but after getting checked out, these have been pronounced a non-issue unless they persist past 1 year of age or get progressively worse. He got two shots and a liquid vaccination, but Mr. Munch is a happy baby, so he barely cried and opted to sleep it off instead, resulting in a 5 hour nap that Mama woke him up from so he would sleep tonight. Dr. Ron even gave the go ahead to have an official lovie! Because the blankets that he has been favoring are too big and present a choking hazard, we're trying out a bunny/blanket who is (potentially) named Mr. Buns. So far things are looking good!

Mr. Buns has 3 different textures, so tasting him is so much fun!

He was also cleared to start solid foods, so this evening Mr. Munch will be having mashed avocado for dinner. Tomorrow's pictures will either include a messy Mr. Munch or the look of disgust and rejected green mush. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Easy Being a Baby

Yesterday was the first day that the Munch Family's schedule was fully back on track. Daddy had to work all day, so Mama and Mr. Munch spent the day together just hanging out.

Tummy time is so much better with bright colors!

Tigger is soooo yummy!

In the afternoon Mama and Mr. Munch went to the grocery store. The trip was over nap time, though, so when we got home, Mr. Munch passed out.

Napping on Mommy

This morning Daddy got up to feed Mr. Munch, then brought him back to bed to hang out with Mama. He didn't last long, though, so everybody got to sleep in!

Good morning, sunshine!

Because one of Mama and Daddy's friends is filming a short film in our apartment, today was super cleaning day. Mr. Munch was very helpful and well behaved today which allowed Mama to get a lot of cleaning done while Daddy was at work.

Never talk politics with an octopus.

 He wanted to practice rolling over today, but the bars on his playmat kept getting in the way. He finally managed to roll onto his tummy, then found some wires just out of reach that looked interesting.

Ooo, those look like fun wires to play with!

He managed to scooch fairly close, but Mama swooped in for bath time before he got to his goal. Afterwards Mr. Munch got to hang out in his bathrobe!

Bath time rocks!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're back!!

After an extra long hiatus (for which I do apologize), the Munch family is back in action!
Glad to be home!

The Munch Family crashed pretty early on Saturday and we all slept in on Sunday. While Mama and Daddy Munch started unpacking, Mr. Munch hung out with his octopus. He's also become enamored with his own feet. So much fun!

Hello up there!

On Monday, between pants, Mr. Munch decided to check up on where Mama and Daddy had flown last week.

You flew through O'Hare? I prefer Cincinnati.

 The past couple of days have been spent just getting back into the old routine. Daddy has slowly gotten back into work and Mama and Mr. Munch are trying to get back into nap time schedules. We've had a cranky couple of evenings, but it's the little things that make it all worth while.

Tiny baby toes! Chubby baby feet!

Mr. Munch has also recently figured out how to hold his own bottle! While his bottles are 8oz, he can't hold much more than 2oz yet, but he's figuring things out!

The next step towards independence.