Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're back!!

After an extra long hiatus (for which I do apologize), the Munch family is back in action!
Glad to be home!

The Munch Family crashed pretty early on Saturday and we all slept in on Sunday. While Mama and Daddy Munch started unpacking, Mr. Munch hung out with his octopus. He's also become enamored with his own feet. So much fun!

Hello up there!

On Monday, between pants, Mr. Munch decided to check up on where Mama and Daddy had flown last week.

You flew through O'Hare? I prefer Cincinnati.

 The past couple of days have been spent just getting back into the old routine. Daddy has slowly gotten back into work and Mama and Mr. Munch are trying to get back into nap time schedules. We've had a cranky couple of evenings, but it's the little things that make it all worth while.

Tiny baby toes! Chubby baby feet!

Mr. Munch has also recently figured out how to hold his own bottle! While his bottles are 8oz, he can't hold much more than 2oz yet, but he's figuring things out!

The next step towards independence.

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