Monday, November 14, 2011

Going to the Doctor's

Yesterday was a busy day for the Munch Family. Filming began in our apartment and there was a lot of shouting and banging when it came time for Mr. Munch's nap. Since Mama had to go to the store anyway, he got a mobile nap.

Getting droopy and we haven't even left the porch yet!

It was a good nap for Mr. Munch, good exercise for Mama, and the crew didn't need to worry about baby noises ruining important shots! Once shooting was over, Uncle R. hung out for a little bit and Mr. Munch decided to make up for all of his missed noisiness by kicking and punching his whale while babbling away.

Just so you guys don't forget that I'm here!

Today Mr. Munch had his 4 month doctor's visit. He weighs 15 pounds 6 ounces, is 26 inches long, and is right on track for growth! Overall Mr. Munch is a healthy, happy baby with no concerning medical issues. He has a wheeze and a cough left over from his cold waaay back when, but after getting checked out, these have been pronounced a non-issue unless they persist past 1 year of age or get progressively worse. He got two shots and a liquid vaccination, but Mr. Munch is a happy baby, so he barely cried and opted to sleep it off instead, resulting in a 5 hour nap that Mama woke him up from so he would sleep tonight. Dr. Ron even gave the go ahead to have an official lovie! Because the blankets that he has been favoring are too big and present a choking hazard, we're trying out a bunny/blanket who is (potentially) named Mr. Buns. So far things are looking good!

Mr. Buns has 3 different textures, so tasting him is so much fun!

He was also cleared to start solid foods, so this evening Mr. Munch will be having mashed avocado for dinner. Tomorrow's pictures will either include a messy Mr. Munch or the look of disgust and rejected green mush. Stay tuned!

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  1. Uncle J and I decided that if you were starting him with avocado, his new name should be Munchamole. :-)