Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Day of Filming

Yesterday during his day off, Daddy taught Mr. Munch how to blow raspberries with his tongue. The result? Mama covered in more baby spit than normal today!

The face Mama makes when I do this is soooo funny!

In preparation for his star role being filmed in the evening, Mr. Munch got a bath! For the first time he got a toy in the bath. Afterwards, however, the towel was the cooler toy.

I can yank this part up to my mouth, making it hard for Mama to put my diaper back on teeheehee!

Then it was down to filming. Even though he took an extra nap (because filming ended up going past his bedtime), Mr. Munch got cranky. Thankfully he was mellow enough that we got all of the shots we needed!

Lemme see that script. What is this silly director making me do now?!

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