Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Easy Being a Baby

Yesterday was the first day that the Munch Family's schedule was fully back on track. Daddy had to work all day, so Mama and Mr. Munch spent the day together just hanging out.

Tummy time is so much better with bright colors!

Tigger is soooo yummy!

In the afternoon Mama and Mr. Munch went to the grocery store. The trip was over nap time, though, so when we got home, Mr. Munch passed out.

Napping on Mommy

This morning Daddy got up to feed Mr. Munch, then brought him back to bed to hang out with Mama. He didn't last long, though, so everybody got to sleep in!

Good morning, sunshine!

Because one of Mama and Daddy's friends is filming a short film in our apartment, today was super cleaning day. Mr. Munch was very helpful and well behaved today which allowed Mama to get a lot of cleaning done while Daddy was at work.

Never talk politics with an octopus.

 He wanted to practice rolling over today, but the bars on his playmat kept getting in the way. He finally managed to roll onto his tummy, then found some wires just out of reach that looked interesting.

Ooo, those look like fun wires to play with!

He managed to scooch fairly close, but Mama swooped in for bath time before he got to his goal. Afterwards Mr. Munch got to hang out in his bathrobe!

Bath time rocks!

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