Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily Adventures

Yesterday was a cranky day for Mr. Munch. At least, that's what Mama thought until a few minutes ago when she uploaded Daddy's picture...

I'm a troll baby!

After a long night with Mr. Munch waking up periodically (presumably from tooth pain from the chomped fingers and the acetaminophen relief), Mr. Munch woke up happy (and 2 hours later than usual, hooray sleep!). Mama and Daddy also realized that Mr. Munch had flipped over to his tummy in the middle of the night. Mama tried to catch him sleeping, but the floor is creaky.

Huh?! I'm up, I'm up.

In the evening, Mango brought her Mommy and Daddy over. She and Mr. Munch had a staring contest, but they both soon lost interest. Mr. Munch was fascinated by Mango's daddy's massive beard and Mango decided that Mr. Munch's paci and rattle were way cooler than her own.

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