Thursday, October 20, 2011

Better Late Than Never

This is yesterday's official post. Today's will come this evening.

Yesterday dawned with a happy Mr. Munch. We decided to give Daddy something to help get him through his day at work.
What better motivation than a cute little Munch?

In the afternoon, the Munch Family was called to Grandma's house for a sanity rescue mission. Mama and Mr. Munch hopped on the bus at home and met up with Daddy on a different bus en route to Grandma's. It was raining, so Mama stood out at the bus stop while Mr. Munch hung out on the porch.

It's really handy to have the bus stop literally outside our door...

Because our trip cut Mr. Munch's nap short, he got a little cranky during the bus ride. Thankfully Mama brought Circle Bug and Mr. Munch soon fell asleep.

Moving bus and Bug. Perfect recipe for a good nap.

Once everybody got to Grandma's house, Mr. Munch was passed from person to person. He seemed to enjoy the attention. He napped through dinner and woke up to find the family discussing maps. He joined in.

That's all they had to pay for the Louisiana Territory?!

The day wore out the Munch Family and everybody went to bed very shortly after returning home (hence the late post).

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