Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday turned into a hectic day. Mr. Munch visited the doctor because Nurse Lori was concerned that he was aspirating (taking fluid into his lungs when eating). After a long bus ride we found out that this is thankfully not the case (though we need to keep an eye on him). After an even longer bus ride home, Mama and Mr. Munch caught up with Daddy at Central Station for the last leg home. 

This morning Mr. Munch tried his hardest to roll over onto his stomach. He was almost successful, but his arm got caught up.

So close!

Today Mr. Munch got to experience the world through textures. His waffle blanket is awesome to chew on and Figaro is very soft and fuzzy!

Hmm...teddy bear...

I like this fuzzy bear!

Mr. Munch then discovered that bouncing and chewing simultaneously are rather difficult.

Om nom bouncy seat.

When nap time rolled around, he didn't want to sleep anywhere but on Mama. You mean I can't clean the living room like I planned, I have to cuddle with my baby? Oh darn...

Even with Apocalypto in the background, he can sleep through anything if Mama's there.

He got to hang out with Daddy after work, then it was jammy time!

Puppy toes! Keys! Great combo!!

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