Friday, December 30, 2011

Sick Baby

Yesterday Mr. Munch had a lot of fun playing in his new exersaucer. He likes to spin the rattle and flip through the book the most.

Monkey, Tiger, Bear, Lion, Circus!

Mama gave him something to hang on to, but it did not please Mr. Munch.

This has no candy!

Mr. Munch got to hang out with Daddy all afternoon since he had a second day off from work in a row!

Flyin' Baby!

In the evening Mr. Munch had a bottle which his body then rejected. After a bath, Mr. Munch was good to go.

Happy hour = happy baby!

This morning, however, Mr. Munch's stomach took care of his morning bottle the same way it took care of his evening bottle; rejection. Here's hoping it gets better for his poor little tummy.

Cuddling with his bunny.

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