Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Photobomb!!!!

Lately Mr. Munch has been working really hard on sitting up by himself. Mama decided to take a POV shot...

The play mat looks so different from this angle.

 Last week Mama and Mr. Munch hung out at Grandma's house. She was making dinner that needed to be steamed, but Mr. Munch delayed plans for a little bit.

This handle is just my size and it makes noise when I bang it on the counter!

Merry Christmas!! Mr. Munch celebrated his first Christmas this year! We started out with a small family celebration at the Casa Munch.

Just a couple of gifts under our little tree.

His first gift was from Mama and Daddy.

Stacking cups. Way cool!

Oh, and they make noise?! Bonus!

 His second gift was from Santa. The practical items included pajamas for him to grow into and a pair of socks.

Ripping paper is so much fun.

I got things from Santa!

He also got two books (Hush and Guess How Much I Love You) and some rattles.

This book is pretty cool, but I think I wanna try out those noisy things.

From Uncle R. and Aunt E. he got a book that (in Mama's opinion) should be in every child's book collection.

Bedtime reading anybody?

And from Uncle T. and Aunt J. (and cousins) Mr. Munch got a stacking star tower that lights up!


Later that afternoon the Munch Family made their way to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more Christmas partying! Mr. Munch got quite a few gifts (toys and books), but we were having so much fun that only a couple of pictures got taken.

Mama is having more fun with the toys than Mr. Munch! He just wants the light-up bag.

Hungry caterpillar eating all of your food? Call Munch Exterminations and they'll take care of your problem! *omnomnom*

The caterpillar has proven to be a favorite.

 Later in the afternoon, the extended Munch family got even more extended when Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa stopped by to help eat the buffet feast Grandma had prepared.

So...those glasses look pretty cool. You sure you need them?

As bedtime approached, Mr. Munch and Grandpa had some bonding time on the floor.

Do you see the limited perspective I have of the world from down here? And you wonder why I like being held...

That night the Munch Family slept over at Grandma's house because the next day the festivities just kept going! Everybody headed out for the big family Christmas. We tried to get some better quality photos of each of the five generations as the last attempt did not have the best turnout.

Five generations from 101 years to 6 months. Wow!

After gifts there was some down time, so Mr. Munch showed off his sitting skills.

 Do you see me?

 I'm just showing off!

Do you see me?

Do you?!

After the family party, the Munch Family headed over to see Mango's family. Normally Munch and Mango regard each other with curious indifference and the evening seemed to start out in the same vein, but when they were placed at the same level and left alone, giggles and fun ensued.

Hey, she's actually kinda cool.

Mischief is being made.

 This morning Mr. Munch was super excited to play with his new toys! Caterpillar was a firm favorite and replaced his piano when Mama had enough. It even followed Mr. Munch to his nap.

Future entomologist. 

Note: Mama got a new camera for Christmas and had 148 pictures available to post. She slimmed it down a little bit.

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