Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Caught Up

As promised, though a little late, the pictures from the camera! Mr. Munch stayed up late the other night, so he got to hang out with Daddy before bed.

Your beard...it feels so...different...

Giggles Galore!!

The next morning Mama found out that it had been a tummy night that night.

Stretching out all 27 inches.

Today Mr. Munch had a happy morning. We worked on Christmas gifts and picked out Mr. Munch's outfit for the extended family Christmas on Monday. Then it was nap time bath time. Mr. Munch protested his nap with a nice blowout diaper. Afterwards, Mama was drying Mr. Munch when...

Sandman, you've been replaced by Poseidon.

Mama went to find Mr. Munch some pajamas, but she couldn't resist a few pictures.

Fluffy towels are the best.

He wasn't happy when Mama picked him up so she could lay down his jammies, but was passed out before he was even half dressed. He proceeded to sleep for an hour and a half.

Mama has found her new trick.

The problem with these particular pajamas on a particular little boy is...

The crotch doesn't like to stay snapped.

Oh well. It makes it easier to change his diaper!

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