Thursday, December 15, 2011

Party Rock is in the House Tonight

Now that Mr. Munch's legs have grown just a little bit more, he's found that his bouncy chair is very exciting!! (It doesn't hurt that sometimes Mama puts a pad that makes music when you jump on it underneath his feet.)

Look at me dance!!

After his afternoon nap, Mr. Munch had some cuddle time with Mama. She was wearing a hoodie. It was unzipped. This resulted in...

Zipper foot!

Mr. Munch was hanging out on his playmat while Mama made herself some dinner. When she came back, she realized just how mobile Mr. Munch has become...He had flipped over onto his tummy and scooched himself to the edge. In one hand was one of Mama's shirts. The other was reaching for a plastic bag. Thankfully he flipped over when he heard Mama come in and the bag was forgotten (and moved far away).

You want your shirt? Nope. It's mine now.

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