Friday, September 30, 2011

Time to Be Adorable!

This morning Mr. Munch got up, had a bottle, and went right back to bed for another three hours. Yay! Mama gets to sleep in too!! Once Mama and Mr. Munch were up for the day, it was time for the lunch bottle. Afterwards, Mr. Munch didn't want to let go of his burp rag.
It's so fun to fling around and chew on!

Once Mr. Munch was dressed, he hung out on the floor while Mama got some work done on the computer. Normally when Mr. Munch loses his paci, he fusses until a) Mama puts the paci back in or b) he finds something else to suck on. This time, however, Mama looked over to find Mr. Munch trying to roll over and reach it himself!

What better incentive to roll than a paci?

He almost made it, but got the paci back before he rolled all the way over. Once Munch Daddy got home from work, he and Mr. Munch decided to have some chill time.

*looks innocent* We're not doing anything, honest...

And when they thought Mama wasn't looking, they got into some deep discussions.

Thick as thieves, these two.

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