Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Day

Monday was Munch Daddy's day off, so the Munch family decided to have a day of chillin' in their PJs.
We watched a space documentary.
(EDIT: We really did watch a space documentary and the space PJs were pure coincidence.)

Then Mama and Daddy Munch decided to watch All Dogs Go To Heaven while eating PB&J sandwiches and drinking Capri Suns after Mr. Munch went to bed. He was jealous.

I don't wanna go to bed!!!

Today Mama had a job interview and Daddy had to work, so Mr. Munch spent the morning with Grandma. He decided that watching her fold laundry was boring.

Whatever, Grandma. The bed and I...we're melding.

Then Mama picked up Mr. Munch and the spent the afternoon at the mall until Daddy got out of work. This tired Mr. Munch out, as he had not taken a proper nap all day. Once we got home and got a bottle in him, he was out.

Nothing better than a trusty swing and a comfy blanket after a long day.

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