Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Better

Yesterday Mr. Munch and Mama were both feeling under the weather. While Daddy was at work, they hung out in bed playing Scrabble, folding laundry, and listening to music.
The best thing for sick babies is cuddling in bed with Mama.

Worst Scrabble opponent ever...

After a couple of hours, it was nap time. Both Mama and Mr. Munch spent the day napping and hydrating. (Daddy took some video of Mr. Munch and Mama have a deep, lively conversation, but the mic wasn't working properly, so there's no sound. We hope to capture another video of baby chatter in the next day or two.) It paid off and today everybody went to the mall. 

Daddy was working, but Mama and Mr. Munch spent the morning strolling around. We ran into a few friends and hung out with others. Daddy joined us after he got out of work and the Munch Family enjoyed some leisurely time together. Unfortunately, Mama forgot to take pictures...

During yesterday's 'conversation' with Mr. Munch, Mama tried a new sound to entertain him. Taken from her time in choir, lip buzzing was performed repeatedly and Mr. Munch seemed enthralled. Today while having some quality time at the mall, Mama repeated the lip buzzing for Mr. Munch who tried, then succeeded to mimic the sound himself! Hooray for brain development that is also intensely adorable!

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