Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Much Time at Home

There are only so many ways that I can say "We did nothing". Now that we're getting into a routine, it seems like that is all I have to say. Ah well, who can argue with cute pictures?!

Mr. Munch is working very hard at sitting up. He likes to sit on Mama or Daddy's leg and check out the world. Today on Mama's lap, he was able to pull himself upright from a slightly reclined position. Those baby crunches are going to give him a little six pack pretty soon!

This afternoon the batteries on the swing went out and it was nap time before Mama had a chance to send Daddy to get more. The result is our letter C picture!
C is for Cuddling Catnaps.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more eventful post (in a good way...*knock on wood* I don't want a cranky baby!).

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