Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caught up!

We've had a fun day here at Casa Munch. We started our lazy day with a visit from our wonderful at home nurse. After being weighed and measured, she has declared that not only is Mr. Munch in the 95th percentile for weight, he's off the charts for height!
It's deja vu for Mr. Munch.

Once the nurse left, the Munch family all took naps. It was a wonderful experience for Mama and Daddy Munch to nap during the day, but unfortunately they had adult things to do (work for Daddy and cleaning for Mama) so their naps were shorter than Mr. Munch's. After Daddy went to work, Mama and Mr. Munch hung out and listened to some music while playing on the floor. Mama decided to let Mr. Munch have a new sensory experience, so he got to have some naked play time! On some towels, of course...

Who knew being naked was so much fun!

After Mr. Munch got a diaper back on, the rest of the day was spent cuddling. Mr. Munch enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to stay asleep at bedtime (thanks to the loooong afternoon nap that he doesn't normally take), so cuddling was extended for a few hours afterwards.

So sleepy and yet so content.

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