Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playing Catch Up

We're back! After a couple of days off, there are a lot of pictures to catch up on. I've chosen the best ones for today.
I'm going to be starting a photo challenge for myself during this blog. It's an alphabet challenge. A picture will be taken representing each letter of the alphabet, posted every day or two. Starting with
A for Astronaut

Mr. Munch finally decided that he was ok with taking a different brand of pacifier. He also decided that Mama was the best place to take a nap.

Mama shifted a little to take a picture and Mr. Munch didn't appreciate his nap being disturbed.

Yesterday Mr. Munch got dressed up nice and cozy in some new footy pajamas. Mama thought they were adorable until she put them on and realized that they made Mr. Munch look like he had just broken out of a chain gang. Grandma and Grandpa agreed later that day when Mama and Mr. Munch stopped by for a visit.

He's on the lam!

Today Mr. Munch decided that his clothes needed to live up to who he really is! 

Stating the obvious one onsie at a time.

Then Mr. Munch spent some time in his rarely used crib so that it's not a totally strange place when he starts sleeping in there in the next couple of weeks. There wasn't much to look at, so Mama stole one of Daddy's shoelaces and got creative with Mr. Munch's toys.

So much fun stuff to look at now!

We topped off the afternoon with a walk to the store and back, then Mr. Munch fell asleep in his swing. We've had a busy and fun past couple of days!


  1. What a cute little guy! Great G'ma Z and Great Papa Z just LOOOOVE to see pictures of Mr. Munch!

  2. Awe, that is most certainly what handsome looks like Mr. Munch.
    Good thinking on the shoestring too lol! Gotta get creative sometimes.
    <3 GM Amber