Monday, September 5, 2011

Officially Fall

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent some time in the evening getting pictures with family on Munch Daddy's side. We got some good pictures and we had fun catching up with people.
5 generations! w00t!

This would have been a better family pic if Mr. Munch hadn't been starting an epic meltdown.

Today was, in my opinion, the official first day of fall. The air conditioner and all of the fans got turned off, the windows got closed, and warm clothing got put on. Mama and Mr. Munch spent some time just hanging out in bed,

Warm pajamas make any day better.

then Mr. Munch got to hang out with Daddy while Mama went to the store. (Tonight's dinner experiment was bacon, onion, and bleu cheese lamb sliders with steak fries. With a little tweaking, this will definitely be a repeat dinner!)

1 comment:

  1. Awe! Adorable generational and family pictures! They're just too cute!
    You made what for dinner?! You are such an good cook, I never think of stuff like that!
    Munch families lookin' good!
    <3 GM Amber