Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day For Friends

Last night Mr. Munch spent his first full night in his crib! While getting him to bed took a little doing, he slept all night once he was asleep.
Mom, I look ridiculous in these socks...

Since this morning was a cool one, Mama decided to make sure Mr. Munch knows what baseball team he supports.

The zipper is so tasty!

Mama and Daddy had some friends coming over for video games and hanging out, so Daddy went to the store to make sure we had enough supplies. (We ran out of ranch for the baby carrots! Oh no!) On his way back, Daddy stopped by the florist to surprise Mama.

Special delivery for Mommy!

Mr. Munch had a difficult time falling asleep in his bedroom again tonight. Fingers crossed that he gets used to the room soon.

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