Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today has been a tiring day for everybody. Mr. Munch was having way too exciting of a day to take a nap! After dropping Munch Daddy off at work, he went to visit Grandma and Grandpa again! Then everybody headed to the mall for some fun times. Mama and Grandma went to smell pretty things at the candle store while Munch went with Grandpa to look at camping gear. Apparently Mr. Munch was fascinated by the bright red poo shovel...Once we all met up to leave, Mr. Munch and Grandma took some time to just catch up.
Once we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Mr. Munch was afraid to miss more fun, so he didn't nap. *sigh* The result was an exhausted and crabby baby. One would think that this would mean that he would sleep once he got home and was in his own bed. 45 minutes later and that is not the case. It's going to be a long night...

UPDATE: 10 minutes later Mr. Munch was picked up for a diaper change. He managed to make it through the diaper change and the undressing to be put into his pajamas. The 15 ounces he had eaten over the past few hours finally caught up to him. Is it spit up if there's enough to cover Mama and Baby and drip down Mama's leg to pool on the floor? Now that he's cleaned off, Mama's off to take a shower while Munch Daddy puts the little one to bed.

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  1. ohhh, poor little Munch. :-( It sure seemed like he wanted to eat and eat, but maybe it was not such a good thing after all. I hope he feels better and sleeps well, and I hope Mama gets all cleaned up and can relax.