Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

You know those days where you just feel like sitting around doing nothing? Mr. Munch has been having one of those days. He has spent his day sitting in his Bumbo and laying on the floor, happy as can be. Talking away at nothing in particular and smiling at everything, it has been an easy day for Mama. Even when he was upset, Mr. Munch didn't put much effort into crying. I was afraid that the day would make for some boring pictures, but I managed to eke a few good ones out.
Chatty Mr. Munch thinks it's funny that when he makes a noise, Mama makes a noise back.

It looks like a smile, but it's actually a coo. Still adorable!

He was thinking about being fussy...then turned it into a sigh and went about his business checking out the ceiling.

It's been a lazy day. Mr. Munch and Mama have some chill tummy time.

Even after Daddy got home from work (which usually gets Mr. Munch pretty excited), there were just little smiles and lots of talking. But you won't hear any complaining here!

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