Monday, August 22, 2011

Enjoy It While You Have It

The temperature today was warm, but not too hot and with very little humidity. The fridge was milk-free. Time for a field trip! After a lazy day of napping and hanging out, Mama and Mr. Munch took a walk down to the grocery store. Fresh air and sunshine did both of us good and Mama enjoyed the exercise. Once Munch Daddy got home from work and we all had some fun together, it was time to wind down and start going to bed. Just another day in the life of Mr. Munch!
Mama's even comfier when she's laying down too! (This face is one step away from the "I'm passed waaaay out!" face-see like father, like son pic for example)

Mr. Munch is now strong enough to sit in his Bumbo without falling forward! He's not so sure about being next to the smelly shoes, however.

Ready to take a walk! The sun's a little bright, but it felt good on the bare little piggies!

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