Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 16

Today was a warm day. Not unbearably so, but the air conditioner in a certain second floor apartment decided that it wasn't going to cool to it's fullest potential today, so the living quarters have been a little bit warmer than the general temperature. Because of this, Mr. Munch - fuzz collector extraordinaire became a sticky baby with more than the usual amount of fuzz clinging to him. Mama Munch declared it bath time.
First bath without the infant sensations!

Mr. Munch is a big fan of submerged bath time! That sling left too much skin out of the warm water.

After a nice bath, it's always fun to wrap up in a clean towel!

Tonight after Mr. and Mama Munch drop Munch Daddy at work, it's time to visit Grandma, Grandpa, and Munchicles (Munch Uncles)! There will be plenty of snuggling and lots of cool stories about the vacation they just got back from. Should be a fun night!!


  1. Soooooo cute!!!!!

    Grand Papa

  2. Actually, GREAT Grand Papa Z>!