Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road trip!!

So yesterday's surprise was a trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens! After Munch Daddy got out of work, we packed up the car for an excursion to the gardens. Ok, so it wasn't a road trip or a big excursion, but for being the first family outing to someplace that wasn't the doctor's or grandma's it sure felt like a big deal!
Such a big horse! Such a small Munch!

Checking out the fountain in the Victorian garden. 

The tropical garden was beautiful, but a little bright for a drooly Mr. Munch.

We had so much fun walking around the Children's Garden, dipping little toes into the Great Lakes water table, seeing all of the different indoor gardens, and getting some fresh air and sunshine! Munch Daddy was super excited to wear Mr. Munch in the Moby and even impressed a mom in the parking lot by doing so. While we hope to visit more often, we have a goal to get a picture of Mr. Munch under the giant horse every year to show how much he's growing. 

Today has been uneventful and picture free. Mama tried to capture a good smiling one and would have, but the memory on her phone was full and the moment was gone. Guess emptying that will be my goal for the day!

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