Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8 Weeks

The post today is, as you can probably tell, earlier than usual. Mama has surprise plans for when Munch Daddy gets home, so I'm trying to take care of daily obligations in the morning. Believe it or not, all the pictures were taken today already. I had a lot to choose from because Mr. Munch was pretty awake for the early hour. Didn't help that Daddy was up getting ready for work and getting Mr. Munch riled up! Today Mr. Munch is 8 weeks old. It seems unbelievable that almost 2 months ago Munch Daddy and I were sitting in the hospital (or laying, in my case) getting ready to meet our precious baby boy. We're so happy to be blessed with such an amazing little being.
(Yes, yesterday's clothes became last night's pajamas...he fell asleep. I wasn't about to wake him up just so he could wear the right clothes to bed.)
The pink clam on the right of the picture is Colleen. She is Mr. Munch's 'girlfriend'. We're not sure why he prefers to stare at/talk to the clam, but who are we to judge?

Mr. Munch is *very* picky about his pacifier style. This clearly isn't it. (He'll only take the paci the hospital sent home and one we got at a baby shower that's the exact same style.)

Can't catch a pic of me smiling! Here's some tongue instead.

Oh, alright, and a smile.

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