Friday, August 26, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Today was errand day! The Munch Family spent a very busy afternoon running around town. We started out visiting friends at the mall where Daddy works. The power was out in the mall for reasons unknown, so the employees had a lot of time to stand around and hang out with us.
Having some chill time with David!

After the mall we visited Daddy's other job (yay payday!), the bank, and a few stores. Mr. Munch enjoyed his stroller time and a little walk time with Mama. He did not, however, enjoy his car seat time.

The sunlight on the green canopy of Mr. Munch's stroller looks very cool!

After all of that shopping, the Munch family was hungry. Mr. Munch had a bottle in the parking lot of a store (screaming wins, hands down), then we headed out to see friends at Mr. Burger.

Pop does not interest Mr. Munch, but we had to prove he was there.

After all of our running around, Mr. Munch was quickly becoming a cranky little dude. He was very kind and waited until we were putting him in the car after dinner to have a meltdown. Once we got home, Mr. Munch was given to Daddy while Mama got his pajamas and bedtime bottle ready. He didn't quit make it to bedtime...

Daddy is a comfy bed!

He woke up when Mama was putting on his pajamas, but his power nap helped his cranky level and he was a content Munch until the last drop of his bottle. He fussed a little, but then he burped and fell asleep the minute his head hit the bed. Tomorrow he will show off the clothes Mama bought for him while we were out!

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