Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As many of our regular readers have noticed, there has been a distinct lack of Daily Dose over the past couple of weeks. This was mostly due to the fact that Mama has been ill and/or recovering and to difficulties retrieving pictures (all pictures today are from Mama's phone). Camera pictures will come once Mama has either troubleshot (troubleshooted?) the problem or given up and handed it over to Daddy. 

The time has not been wasted, however. Mama spent her free time devising a schedule for the Dose! This will include a biweekly letter picture on Mondays, a biweekly number picture on Tuesdays (but not the same week as the letter pictures), a "book review" by Mr. Munch on Thursdays, Mama Reflections on Saturdays, and on Sundays Mr. Munch will be introducing his readers to each of his stuffed animals! We hope that you are as excited about this as we are!

Looking back, Mama realized that she started doing a picture per letter last year and only got to letter E (waaay back in November, eesh). This week we will pick up where we left off, so in honor of all the pictures Mama has taken that Mr. Munch wants to check out up close,

F is for Face!

Mr. Munch has also figured out how to hold his own bottle! While this can come in handy sometimes (like when Mama and Daddy are busy during breakfast), but the Munch Family still enjoys snuggle time, so he hasn't gotten much practice.

I'm hungry now, I will eat where I want.

Daddy was at the store the other day when he found a cute Spiderman diaper cover! (The close up picture is on the camera, so just take my word for it for right now.)

Spiderbaby is on the move!

Mama and Daddy have also completed the bedroom clean-up and baby proofing, so Mr. Munch now has two rooms to play in!

So much space! So much freedom!

Even though he has more room than ever, Mr. Munch still likes to hang out in his own room sometimes. You never know what interesting stuff you may find hidden away!

Indiana Jones's got nothin' on me!

Mama got some new serving spoons and Mr. Munch just had to help break them in. Nothing says "welcome to the kitchen" like baby drool and banging cutlery.

That moment when you see disaster coming at you and it's too late to stop it.

Mr. Munch is also earning his in-utero nickname, Monkey. He has figured out the troublesome art of climbing; climbing onto Mama and Daddy's bed, climbing up his gate (though thankfully not over yet), and climbing all over anybody who dares hold him.

Better put on your running shoes, Mom!

Even though he is very much a busy body who likes to move and climb and throw toys around, Mr. Munch also has a serene side. It's not unusual to come in from another room to see him cuddling with a stuffed animal or flipping through one of his books. He has even figured out how to turn on his classical music box so he has some soothing background music.

Blue elephant, orange tiger, green crocodile. Got it.

Mr. Munch is also enjoying the view from the cart seats whenever he goes with Mama and/or Daddy to the grocery store.


Tomorrow we have more pictures from the last two weeks to catch up on as well as Mr. Munch's thoughts on his favorite book, That's Not My Monster!

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