Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review Thursday

As promised, a close-up shot of Mr. Munch's diaper cover. Cute find, Daddy!

Look out, here comes the spiderbaby!

Mr. Munch is still working on those top four teeth. The evidence is clear in the late nights, the buckets of drool, and the death grip on his raspberry.

Must. Chomp.

And to conclude today's regrettably short post, the highlight of Mr. Munch's relaxing day was story time! As we relaxed in his room after his bath, Mama read That's Not My Monster, one of Mr. Munch's favorite books. It has many different textures and plenty of bright colors. Normally he likes to stop on the page with scratchy spines, but today we made it to the end and spent plenty of time petty the fuzzy ears!

I wonder what this page feels like...

Soft and fuzzy!

If this book looks familiar, it was also in a recent post, featuring the front page with furry eyebrows.

"That's not my monster...It's eyebrows are too furry."

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