Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Number 1

This morning was a goofy morning in the Munch household. Mama and Daddy had just as much fun making Mr. Munch laugh as he had being entertained! Silly faces, odd noises, and sudden gestures were the fare of the Living Room Comedy Club, so Mama got some good smiling pictures.

Forget Carlin, Engvall, and Izzard! I've got Daddy!!

The mood turned exploratory pretty quickly, however, when Mr. Munch discovered that the balls on his bouncy seat each performed a different task. One twisted, one spun, one felt funny, and one had a turny knob. Many of them had little beads in them to make noise, so he was rather distracted until nap time.

So I spin this one with my thumb while I turn this one...

For lunch Mr. Munch had a brand new food...beef! That's right, ladies and gentlegerms, we have made the step to meat. I don't envy Daddy that morning diaper.

It wasn't his favorite plain, but he gobbled it down once sweet potatoes were added.

Mama and Mr. Munch spent a lot of time together today. Mama was hoping for some picture inspirations, so she put aside her usual cleaning and got down on his level for the day, camera in tow. Every once in a while Mama takes a picture at just the right moment. Because she was the push-off point, Mama was too close to get his face, but here is picture proof that Mr. Munch can (for a few seconds, record of 6s) stand on his own!

Look, Ma! No hands!!

As mentioned before, Mama spent her day on the floor with Mr. Munch taking a multitude of pictures. Some of them I liked far too much to deprive his adoring public of the adorableness that is Mr. Munch.

*the look of pure mischief on the move*

*taking a quiet moment*

And now, a drumroll please....

Our first number picture! I had a lot of debates with myself on how this picture series would look. I played with multiple ideas, none of them seeming quiet right, until the answer literally hit me on the head. Nanoseconds before wood met forehead, the number 6 flashed across my vision. After taking a second to clear my head, I quickly dug through scatter of toys that littered the floor looking for that one...

1 springtime boy.

Tomorrow Mr. Munch will be taking a very important trip. Where too? My lips are sealed until then.

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