Sunday, April 15, 2012


So this was a draft last night. Suddenly a wild party appeared! When hosting your birthday party, sometimes things get pushed to the back burner. However, this does not mean that you must go without the pictures intended to be viewed yesterday.

A couple of days this past week have been a little chilly, so Mr. Munch slept with a blanket. He didn't need it yesterday for his nap, but he wasn't thrilled when Mama took it out of his crib. As soon as he had his blanket, he was out like a light!

Monsters can't get me when I'm under my blanket.

Mama also found a picture that she had meant to use, but somehow got put into the wrong folder when transferred. I now debut Mr. Munch and Grandma! The last time we visited, Mr. Munch got to crawl around Grandma's whole house for the first time. When he came to the slick wood floor wearing his corduroy overalls...let's just say that he and friction weren't seeing eye to eye. He also practiced his standing with Grandma and even practiced some steps!

The view is so different from this angle...

While getting ready for the party, Mama made sure to take some time out to play with her little Munch. Peek-a-boo from over the top to through the mesh was one of the favorite games.

Even though it's peek-a-boo, I can still see you...and it's hilarious!!

While watching Mr. Munch play with his toys, I've noticed that he is showing toy preference in shifts. The latest favorite is a tower that you slide different colored/sized stars onto and it will light up and play music. He has figured out where the buttons are and has shown premeditation when turning on the toy and is pretty good at sliding the stars off. Try to put them back on, though, and the face you get...

I'm sorry, you thought you could touch my toys? Think again.

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