Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sprouting, and Not Just Up

While we enjoyed having Great-Grandma visit, we had to let her go back to Arizona to give our love and hellos to Great-Grandpa. We had fun seeing you!

Another minion to add to his collection.

Now that Mr. Munch is gaining mobility and, along with that, some independence, he is no longer content to stay in a bouncer or exersaucer for much of any length of time. He has been spending his days playing in his room or climbing all over Mama and Daddy (whenever they allow).

I'm figuring out how to get into mischief!

This also means that he is exploring more of his world. Mama and Daddy have noticed that his attention span is (slowly) increasing. On his way to a nap, Mr. Munch spotted the television. Mama caught his reaction when he saw Muppets for the first time...

It's time to meet the Muppets...

He greatly enjoyed watching and even craned around Daddy's shoulder to watch as he left the room.

Mama and Mr. Munch stopped by Grandma's house for a visit, even though Uncle J was the only one home. Mama decided to experiment with the sun coming through the windows. We took a picture for Grandma and surprised her by making it the background on her computer. Mama got some other cute pictures, but she got some silly ones too!

Mr. Munch likes sticking his tongue out.

Mr. Munch loves looking at his books. His favorites in the past have been the squishy plastic ones he can take in the bath, but when he figured out that his monster book had textures...


As we bid a fond but hopefully not long goodbye to the warm weather, Daddy Munch made sure that family got out for some fresh air. Mr. Munch enjoyed car watching, leaf watching, and squirrel watching from the safety of his play pen while Mama and Daddy grilled and chatted with the neighbors. 

What is that thing with the poofy tail? 
It looks fuzzy enough to be in my monster book...

But Mama, the title refers to something sprouting, but nothing in your post has yet sprouted...what's up with that? 

That, my friends, would be our other exciting news! While we have yet to get photographic evidence (it's difficult enough to look at without the bulk of a camera), we are excited to announce that Mr. Munch has his two top teeth! It took a few long days and nights before they showed their enameled little heads, but the Munch family, with the assistance of children's ibuprofen, made it to the other side. We believe he may have one or two others close to poking through, but we've been wrong before, so we'll just stick with what we can see. Once our bunny boy has grown his teeth in a little more, pictures will be taken, have no fear.

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