Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Woman Vs. Internet

After many days of fighting with my internet on many systems, I finally got the pictures uploaded! Hooray!!

Mama finally organized all of the clothes in Mr. Munch's bedroom and vacuumed, so now he has a whole room to play in!

Toy explosion in 3...2...1...


He loves having room to practice his crawling. Great-Grandma also came into town (picture missing temporarily) and Mr. Munch enjoyed hanging out with her, as well as the cute outfits she brought!

I'm cute and I know it!!

The temperature has been exceptionally warm for March, so the Munch family has been enjoying fruit juice popsicles, even Mr. Munch!

Om nom strawberries!

Mama's living room chair backs up against the front window, so Mr. Munch watches cars and trucks (he's also developed an attachement to the television remote, batteries not included).

It's even more fun because the bus stop is directly beneath the window, 
so it's guaranteed entertainment every 30 minutes!

On Sunday the whole family (Munch Family, Grandma, Grandpa, Muncles, and Great-Grandma) drove across the state to visit Great-Grandma's sister, Auntie J!

Taking time to check each other out.

Yesterday the Munch family enjoyed the weather by taking a walk down to the park and playing on the playground!

Mr. Munch's first swing ride! The squinty eyes don't portray the fun he was having.

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