Sunday, January 22, 2012

Homework Day

Yesterday was a relaxing day for the Munch Family. There had been reports of snowy conditions on Friday night that had the possibility of being a blizzard, so the family had stocked up on food and formula and was ready to ride out the weekend at home. There was no blizzard, but that didn't change plans. Mr. Munch even got to play with a colorful, crinkly candy wrapper...until Daddy wanted to eat his candy.

Umm...I don't think this is part of my provision pack...

Who says babies are unintelligent? It took Mr. Munch approximately 17 seconds to figure out that waving gets a reaction from Mama and Daddy. Then he continued to test this theory all night, giving Mama a prime opportunity to catch it on video!

They're like puppets! Dance, minions, dance!

This morning Mr. Munch was being prepared for his diaper change, but was determined to make it as difficult as possible by twisting and turning and grabbing his diaper and chewing on his toes...Mama finally got fed up and grabbed the only toy within arms length of the changing table; Colleen! Not only did it succeed in distracting Mr. Munch long enough for Mama to change his diaper, but he also kept a firm grasp on his friend through his bottle and on into his nap.

BFFs yo.

Today's post is earlier than usual because Mama and Daddy have to spend the rest of the day studying and finishing homework. Here's a prescription for the video above. Watch it as many times as needed and we'll see you tomorrow!

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