Monday, January 16, 2012


 Ok, we're going to do a quick recap of the past week and a half (sorry!).

First, Mama found a pair of 90s themed jammies. Auntie A. stopped by to admire them...
Still cute!

Mama has been playing Oblivion (a video game) lately. Every once in a while her character has to play a mini-game to unlock doors and chests. Mr. Munch watches...

Do it...


At least she has one fan. Mama and Daddy have started school again. Two days a week Mr. Munch heads out to Grandma's house.

His favorite activity...

Is car watching....

He's getting better about taking naps, especially at other people's houses.

Tummy sleeping has become a new favorite.

 The two school days that he does not go to Grandma's house, Mr. Munch visits school with Mama and Daddy for a little bit. He decided to try some performance art depicting the traditional college student.

Catching some Zzzz's in the cafeteria.

Bunny has become a permanent fixture in Mr. Munch's crib.

The best cuddle bunny ever!

Mr. Munch is also starting to find toys in every day objects like bags...


And laptop keys...

I can make it go click click too!

We've been spending time hanging out with a neighboring family lately. They have a daughter who is 3 months younger than Mr. Munch. 

All that noise is coming out of something that little?!

 This weekend Mama and Mr. Munch visited Daddy at work. Before heading out to shop for new clothes, the Munch Family stopped at the food court for lunch. Mr. Munch got to sit at the table too!

Can I have some of your food, Mom?

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